Super for Visa-Holders

Superannuation is a pension scheme designed for Australian citizens and residents who live and work in Australia permanently. If you’ve worked in Australia and have accumulated Super but have no plans to permanently reside here, you can claim the majority of your Super back when you are ready to leave Australia and your visa expires / is cancelled.

Have one Super fund

To ensure you have the largest possible amount of money to claim, it pays to have just one Super fund. Every fund you have will continue to incur fees and charges even while dormant resulting in a smaller refund when you’re ready to claim. AAA Plus Super specialises in helping visa-holders get better Super returns. With no costly fees and charges for things you don’t need, you’ll accumulate a healthier Super return compared to other Super funds.

Know your working rights

  • Are you earning more than $450 per month? Then by law, your employer must make Superannuation payments to a dedicated Super fund on your behalf. Make sure your payslips clearly state the Super payments made. The rate for Super is currently 9.5% of your gross income.
  • Check your employment contracts and payslips to ensure you’re getting the correct amount of money. Is your wage inclusive of Super? If so, then your actual hourly rate will be less than you expect. If you’re earning $20/hr including Super then your actual rate is $18.10 before tax. If it’s excluding Super, you’ll get $20 before tax plus an additional $1.90/hr.
  • You have the right to choose your own Super fund. Most employers will select a fund for you with little knowledge as to whether it is in your best interests financially. As a visa-holder you can end up seriously short-changed. The wrong fund results in higher fees, a lower return, and difficulty in claiming your Super back when you leave Australia. When you open an account with AAA Plus Super, you can rest assured you are not wasting money on a multitude of hidden fees ensuring the best result when you withdraw your funds. We’ll provide you with a completed ‘Super Choice’ Form you can hand every employer to ensure you get the most out of your Super with every job held.

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