Make Super a priority

A lot of people do not seriously consider their Superannuation performance until they approach retirement and by then it’s more difficult to accumulate the wealth required to maintain their preferred lifestyle in retirement. The pension is not a lucrative form of income. If you want a comfortable retirement you need to address your Superannuation and the sooner you start, the better.

Contact AAA Plus Super and speak to one of our Financial Advisers who can help tailor a plan based on your current stage of life and financial needs.

Common Super mistakes

  • Having multiple funds that result in excess and unnecessary fees and charges;
  • Not selecting the right fund;
  • Not speaking to Financial Advisers to weigh up your best Super investment options;
  • Being unaware of significant built-in fees within some funds which leads to underperformance;
  • Not taking advantage of the Government’s co-contribution scheme;
  • Not understanding how to take advantage of tax breaks.

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