Weekly adviser fee

Weekly adviser fee starts at $4.55 (inc adjusted GST)

  • Low administration fees for cash and term deposit investments
  • Administration and extra ongoing adviser fees will apply for larger Super Accounts with more diverse investments requiring specialist advice
  • We cover the cost of your super account set-up
  • We update you regularly about your superannuation and investments and are always looking for new investment opportunities

Flat Fees

Our fee is a flat $220 (inc GST) but will be reduced for super accounts under $1,000.

  • Searching for ‘Lost Super’ and consolidating accounts
  • Contacting employer for outstanding superannuation contributions and related administration
  • Ensuring that the accounts are all up-to-date before the preparation of the DASP

* According to figures featured by The Australian in January, 2014, temporary residents contribute about $ 20 million in unclaimed super balances each year. This equates to about 70 per cent of visitors not claiming their super entitlement.

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